Doctoral in Human Resources

human resources management involves the tasks that are aimed at managing employees of an organization. a happy workforce is a productive workforce. organizations are constantly on the lookout for skilled workers who are able to add to the productivity of the firm. high levels of competition in the market, technology, and changing industry trends have pushed many organizations to reinvent their workforce, improve training and skills, implement innovative measures, and excel in the industry.

the field of human resources management has recently gained importance in the professional world. most organizations have a human resources department that fulfills tasks such as hiring and firing, recruitment, and training. hr professionals are in high demand by many leading organizations. to become a part of this rapidly growing sector, one way is for individuals to obtain a degree in human resources management. this area is offered for specialization by many accredited schools.

phd in human resources
individuals who have completed their bachelor and master's degree level education may further expand their credentials by enrolling in a doctorate in human resources degree program this is the highest level of education offered in any academic principle and may take 4-7 years to complete. doctoral programs are advanced in nature and revolve around research. a human resources management phd program will cover advanced areas of hrm. students will cover in-depth the main methodologies, theories, and practices of human resources management. some examples of main components in phd programs in human resources have been listed below:

  • coursework
  • research paper
  • qualifying examination
  • dissertation and thesis

during the coursework, students will cover a range of topics relevant to the field. these are designed to make sure students have a strong foundation of knowledge, and are well aware of the latest hrm tactics and trends. here are some main areas included in the coursework:

  • hrm effectiveness
  • qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • role of hrm

once the coursework has been completed, students may have to pass program examinations and prepare a research project on any area of their choice. this research paper will evaluate the research skills of the students, and will provide them with an opportunity to practically implement what they have learned. the last year two years of the program are dedicated to dissertation development. this must be in accordance with the guidelines set by the school's committee. students may also enroll in online doctoral programs. this mode of learning is more flexible, and is more accessible for students who are unable to attend on-campus classes. students who are working full-time do not have to sacrifice their career to pursue a phd degree thanks to online schools. there are a number of schools offering accredited phd human resources online degrees.

career opportunities
with a human resources management phd degree, individuals may seek advanced level careers in a variety of organizations. from government agencies to universities and from nonprofit organizations to service corporations, hrm professionals are demanded by many firms. common job titles that individuals may qualify for include:

  • business researcher
  • human capital manager
  • director of human resources development
  • director of talent acquisition
  • senior human resources manager
  • human resources consultant

according to the us bureau of labor statistics, human resources managers made a median annual wage of $99,720 in 2012, and are expected to grow in demand at a fast rate in the coming few years.


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