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the ability to interpret financial data and use it to help make better financial decisions is vital to any company's long-term success. financial analysts are now being increasingly sought out as markets grow more complex, creating a need for competent professionals to act as the compass. if you are interested in a career in finance and want to ease into the industry, getting an associate in finance degree may be the route for you. continue reading to find out more about this program.

what is an associate in finance degree?
this is typically a two-year undergraduate degree offered by community colleges as a means of teaching students the core concepts of a particular field. some students may be unsure of what they want to do after high school, so they could use the two-year degree to evaluate their interest in the field and pick up a few additional skills along the way. others may be interested in pursuing a long-term career in the field and are looking at this degree as a stepping stone. in either case the program is designed to be of equal use.

what will i learn?
because the degree is focused on developing core skills and fundamentals, students will not have as much leeway in their coursework. the two years are typically spread over four semesters, and begin by teaching students topics like financial accounting and introduction to business. students will go on to cover coursework in different types of accounting types, like managerial and cost accounting. they will also take courses in economics, statistics, business writing, and computer applications.

at its core, the finance associate's degree program is designed to:

  • sharpen understanding of accounting principles and their applications
  • teach students how to use computers and software in developing and analyzing financial data
  • improve communication skills in written and oral form
  • develop an understanding of how businesses operate and link the principles of finance to business operations

what is next?
with an associate's degree in finance in hand, students may have a couple of choices going forward. the most common way is to enroll in a formal four-year program at a university or college to further their understanding of the concepts they have learned. their education could be carried on through to a master's degree program or even further

the other route is for students to get internships to develop a more thorough understanding of how finance concepts are applied within companies. then use this experience to work their way up to higher positions. however, this route may require you to eventually earn a bachelor's degree.

career prospects
a finance associate's degree helps to sharpen your analytic skills and allows you to work in a variety of fields. you could consider a career in commerce, insurance, or related fields. you could also work within government agencies; conducting financial analyses on a much larger scale and making recommendations that will impact a much broader group.


Q:What is the salary for associates of finance jobs?

A:An associate degree in finance can lead to various entry-level jobs in the corporate world. You can work as an accountant assistant, bookkeeper, accountant clerk, etc. The income level will vary from job to job and will also depend on your skill set. Other factors such as employer organization, specialization, and state may also influence the income level.

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