Bachelor in E Business

the recent decade has experienced a rapid growth in e-commerce. technology has revolutionized the way we do business, and the way consumers shop. now with a few simple clicks, people are able to book vacations, pay bills, shop online, and have goods shipped to them. several large corporations, such as amazon and ebay, have acquired a large market share of the e-commerce industry. according to forbes, it has been estimated that the us e-commerce industry will generate over $263.3 billion in sales this year.

the fast-growing online business world is opening up many job opportunities. this has led to an increased competition for jobs, so there is more need for highly skilled workers. individuals may prepare for this industry with the help of e-commerce degrees. many schools have added e-commerce as an academic discipline to their current program offerings.

bachelor in e business
a bachelor in e business degree is for undergraduate students who wish to pursue a career in this industry. the program provides students with a thorough understanding of technology and its usability in internet-based environments. the coursework will highlight current issues faced by e-commerce managers, and how strategies are developed in e-commerce businesses. students will also acquire in-depth information on how to start up new businesses. the program is typically completed in four years, but the duration may vary because students could be enrolled full-time or part-time. during the first few semesters, students will take classes that will build a strong foundation of general business knowledge. finance, marketing, and strategic management are a few fundamental courses covered. further in the program, more advanced level topics are covered that shed light upon e-commerce and the business environment. listed below are a few of the topics covered in this degree program:

  • business information systems
  • databases
  • networks
  • e-commerce technology
  • enterprise systems integration
  • global businesses
  • e-marketing

the exact curriculum and course titles in a program will depend upon which school students choose for enrollment. students will learn how to apply information technology to support the processes of internet-based businesses. the program will also emphasize practical experience and provide students with skills needed for a career in e-business. listed below are a few skills students will develop while in the program:

  • communication skills
  • analysis skills
  • management skills
  • team-working skills

an e business bachelor degree may also be pursued online. there are many online schools offering this program. students will learn and have access to course content through online videos, online lectures, classroom conferencing, and e-books. online programs are usually more affordable than campus-based programs, and students may study from their home without having to worry about attending classes.

career opportunities
pursuing a career in e-commerce may be challenging, but it offers a great employment outlook. according to an article published by linkedin, the global growth outlook is positive. with a degree in this field, one could start up his or her own online business, or join a well-established organization. the exact job you may qualify for will depend upon your area of specialization. you could work in an online sales department, or work as a marketing specialist. the need for skilled online managers is high as well.


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