Bachelor in Contract Management

bachelor in contract management degree programs are not a common degree program at many schools, but those schools may offer contract management as a specialization in their business administration bachelor's degree program. if a school does offer a bachelor in contract management degree, the focus is on providing a solid foundation in management practice and theory in various perspectives of contract management including administration, completion, fulfillment, and negotiation of various types of contracts such as government contracts and purchase contracts. the program is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of control mechanisms, principle activities, and quality assurance techniques associated with contract management.

admission requirements

  • high school diploma
  • official transcripts of all previous high schools attended
  • act or sat test scores
  • some universities may require two or more letters of recommendation
  • toefl or ielts test scores as a proof of english language proficiency in some cases, as in the case of international students.

curriculum and coursework
the curriculum is designed so that students are trained to apply principles of contract management and policies during various stages of a contact management process. the coursework is planned in a way that it brings together basic business and management principles and policies to provide solutions to various contact management problems. curriculum may vary at different universities, but similar core coursework may include:

  • introduction to business
  • principles of accounting
  • management concepts
  • statistics
  • principles of contract management
  • acquisition techniques and procedures
  • contract negotiation
  • contract law in the united states

although getting a certification is not obligatory, it may display professionalism and competency. several professional organizations in the us provide certification in this regard. in regards to purchase contracts, the institute for supply management confers the certified professional in supply management designation on students that meet the body's criteria. the american purchasing society provides the certified purchasing professional and the certified professional purchasing manager certifications. other purchasing contract certifications may include the universal procurement certification council provides certifications for professionals working in the government sector. these certifications include the certified professional public buyer and the certified public purchasing officer. these certifications may help in career advancement, as well as better job prospects.

career outlook
students who have successfully earned their bachelor's degree in contract management could go on to become purchasing agents, purchasing managers, and buyers. purchasing agents, purchasing managers, and buyers earned a median salary of $60,550 in 2012; reported by the us bureau of labor statistics.

continuing education
if you have earned your contract management bachelor's degree and want to pursue further studies, you may consider a master's degree in contract management. a master's degree will provide advanced knowledge of contract management and mechanisms involved in the contract management process. a master's degree may also help professionals in advancing to senior level positions.


Q:An MBA In Art And Design can be studied online?

A:Yes, you can study this degree online as well. Online schools have grown in popularity due to this mode of education. You can pursue online degree programs from the comfort of your home. This allows you to study at your own pace and at any time of the day. The coursework is covered through online lectures, notes, and classroom conferences.

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