Associate in Business Management

an associate's degree in business management is geared towards providing a broad understanding of all subject areas related to business. classes in finance, accounting, marketing, human resources and information systems are areas in which students will be taught. an associate in business management degree is a viable option for those individuals seeking to enhance their communication and leadership skills, and for those who wish to pursue entry level career opportunities within this field.

associate in business management degree:
a business management associate's degree is typically a two year full time degree. many accredited community colleges offer this degree both on campus as well as online. students could earn the following types of associate's degrees:

  • associate of applied science in business management (aas degree in business management)
  • associate of science in business management (as degree in business management)
  • associate of arts in business management (aa degree in business management)

students pursuing an associate's degree also have the option of transferring their degree credits into a bachelor's degree program upon the successful completion of their associate's degree.

general admission requirements and curriculum:
in order to enroll in an associate's degree program, students need to have at least a high school diploma or a ged as part of the admission prerequisites. other admission requirements vary from institute to institute. with regard to curriculum, while the specific curriculum varies for each school's program, generally, students in a business management associate's degree program get to study courses similar to these:

  • finance and data analysis
  • principles of marketing
  • writing for business
  • economics
  • word processing
  • business communications
  • business law and ethics
  • desktop publishing
  • information management
  • e-commerce
  • human resources
  • organizational behavior

benefits of online degree programs:
online education offers numerous benefits for prospective students. individuals who are full-time working professionals could pursue an online degree in order to enhance their knowledge and skill set, and without disrupting their work routines. students will learn the computer based skills which are taught in this degree online, and get regular feedback on their performance. online programs are convenient in that students may study whenever and wherever they want, without disrupting their normal routines. students receive their lectures through online videos and presentations. online programs tend to be more cost effective than full time on campus programs as students get to save on transportation and commuting costs.

career opportunities:
business management is a broad field and those who acquire an associate's degree may find entry level positions within the field. with an associate's degree in business management, individuals could work in various sectors such as finance, marketing, human resources as well as advertising in the capacity of administrative service managers, sales managers, and human resource specialists. according to the us bureau of labor statistics, the median annual wage for administrative services managers was $81,080 in may 2012.


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