Doctorate in Business Administration

business administration is one of the most popular fields today. one main reason why students are pursuing business degrees is due to the broad-based set of job opportunities that it has to offer. finance, marketing, management, supply chain, and human resource are just a few of the areas in business administration. over the years, numerous businesses have entered the industry and many have vanished. what made some success was the implementation of management tactics, strategic development, and innovation.

firms in all industries are constantly redesigning their strategies to sustain and grow steadily. the business field offers many different career opportunities. business administration ranks among the leading academic disciplines. there are a number of business schools specializing in this area, offering business degree programs at undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels.

doctoral in business administration
a doctorate of business administration is the highest form of learning offered in the field. students who have completed their master's degree education may choose to enroll in doctoral level programs. there are number of schools that offer a phd in business administration.

the program is mostly research-oriented and is geared towards not only building skill, but expanding the theoretical understanding of a student and preparing them for senior leadership positions in the industry. the program may be divided up into various components such as the following:

  • coursework
  • research
  • examination
  • dissertation

during the coursework, students are required to take classes covering a range of general and business-related subjects. these subjects allow students to acquire an in-depth understanding of business and management theory. some of the subjects typically found in the curriculum include:

  • business management
  • financial management and accounting
  • strategic development
  • human resources management
  • marketing and promotions

the exact coursework may vary at different schools, but there may be some similar aspects. students may also choose to specialize in a particular area such as marketing. the specialization chosen will determine the research project and career-path ahead.

students are required to conduct a research project where they practically apply research methodologies. this project will help assess a student's understanding of research principles. this is then followed by a dissertation, which is generally supervised by a faculty member. the dissertation must be well-written and organized. each course component carries credit hours that have to be accumulated to earn the degree. here are the main objectives of a business administration doctorate program:

  • understand the current issues of management in organizations
  • apply and evaluate research methodologies
  • demonstrate a sound understanding of business industry rules and standards
  • develop and innovate strategies for addressing business complexities

career opportunities
with a doctorate degree in business administration, you could work in different fields such as consulting and teaching. the program will qualify you for executive level and leadership roles in diverse industries. you could work with federal agencies, nonprofit institutions, universities, and multinational firms. many students choose professorship positions with this degree. the income a phd could make is typically more than a master's degree holder. it is important to remember that your area of specialization will determine your exact career-path.


Q:Why should I go for a doctor of business administration?

A:A doctor of business administration is a post graduate qualification. If you have completed your masters degree in a similar or the same academic field, you can enroll further in a doctoral program. The coursework is advanced and research based. You can prep yourself for leadership and executive job positions in the business industry with this level of qualification.

Q:What is a Doctoral in Business Administration and how do I get admission?

A:A doctoral in business administration is the highest level of degree offered in this field. You must have acquired a masters and a bachelor degree to qualify for doctoral programs. The nature of a doctoral degree is advanced and research oriented. If you are planning to enroll in this degree, you will have to seek information about the admission requirements from a college.

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