Doctoral in Accounting

online phd in accounting education
online education is a feasible alternative to on-campus programs for students. when you are selecting an institution for an online phd in accounting, make sure it is accredited by a body recognized by the council for higher education accreditation (chea). by doing so, you will ensure that your degree is recognized by professional associations, employers, and other institutions of higher education.

career opportunities
accounting phd degree holders are qualified for the most advanced positions in accounting practice, teaching, research, consultancy, and management. they could work in various settings including accounting and consulting firms, community colleges, universities, non-profit organizations, business corporations, and government organizations. generally, graduates are hired for the following roles:

  • faculty member
  • consultant
  • controller
  • business researcher
  • chief financial officer
  • dean or associate dean of business and/or accounting program
  • forensic accountant
  • senior auditor or accountant
  • vice president of finance

program objectives
after successfully completing this degree, graduates will able to conduct scholarly research and consider strategic implications by combining ethical concepts and models with business theory and practice.  the aim is to evaluate theoretical constructs, approaches, and techniques in accounting in order to advance knowledge. they will develop critical thinking skills needed to address business problems and develop strategies for solutions. through a doctoral program, skills needed to be an influential and effective business educator are developed. it also aims to develop an understanding of the behaviors of capital market, strategic costing, and pricing decisions.

admission criteria
admission to ph.d. programs is highly selective. generally, universities consider candidates' grade-point average (gpa), the statement of purpose, gmat (graduate management admissions test) scores, and relevant work experience. international students are also required to submit toefl scores.

program structure
accounting doctoral progrms generally take five years to complete. during this they must complete relevant program requirements. initially, students will have to complete some specific required and elective courses. usually this coursework is completed in the first two to three years and includes courses like: 

  • introduction to accounting research  
  • introduction to financial / archival accounting research
  • introduction to psychology-based accounting research
  • teaching methods in business

students will then be required to pass a comprehensive oral and written exam which will test the students' proficiency in accounting subject matter and research methodology and techniques. in this way, their willingness and ability to conduct dissertation research is determined.

before proceeding to write a dissertation, students must complete their first-year and second-year research projects. they will receive guidance from a faculty supervisor. students can then begin researching and writing their dissertation. they will have to identify a research topic and propose a plan for investigating that topic. once the proposal is approved by the students' supervisor and faculty advisory committee, they may begin working toward the final dissertation submission.  during dissertation work, students will engage in analytical and theoretical research. they will also make use of field work and experimental research in order to support their empirical findings. this dissertation must significantly contribute to the existing research work in accounting. in order to receive this degree, students must successfully defend their dissertation before other phd students and faculty members.


Q:What schools offer a phd in accounting?

A:There are a variety of reputable schools which offer a PhD in Accounting. When considering which school to pursue your doctoral studies at, it is important to keep in mind that a PhD qualifies candidates for advanced positions and as such, it is important to gain the degree from a good school. What qualifies as a good school will depend on its accreditation status, reviews from students and faculty, as well as the school and program rankings.

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