Associate in Accounting

in today's complex business world, organizations are always seeking skilled experts that can provide high-quality accounting services. finance and accounting is the essential grease and oil that keeps the business machinery running efficiently in the highly competitive market of today. from managing internal accounts to analyzing financial statements, the role of accountants is. accounting occupations are expected to grow in the coming years and have been ranked among the best jobs by us news. there are many branches of accounting that individuals can specialize in and join the challenging world of finance.

associate in accounting
if you are great with numbers, you can possibly turn your skill into a successful career. there are a number of recognized college-level degrees you can pursue in accounting and prepare for an accounting career. among the basic undergraduate accounting degree programs, a considerable number of enrollments have been seen in associate degrees. associate degrees in accounting are pre-bachelor degrees that are designed to equip students with fundamental knowledge of accounting principles.

associate in accounting degrees ensure that students develop a solid understanding of fundamental accounting concepts. the program coursework typically entails a wide range of courses relevant to the field. the initial phase of the program covers basic areas and introductory concepts such as financial accounting, spreadsheets, and business law. further in the program, students will cover advanced topics such as the following:

  • payroll accounting
  • cost accounting
  • tax accounting
  • managerial finance
  • financial statement analysis

with technology becoming highly integrated in organizations, it is necessary for an accountant to have a thorough understanding of technology, accounting softwares, and applications. an associate in accounting degrees usually covers a few subjects related to accounting softwares where students learn how to operate such programs. by the end of the degree, students will be able to:

  • analyze, record, and interpret accounting data
  • operate computerized accounting systems
  • prepare basic payroll and financial statements
  • audit tax documents according to federal regulations

the program will also prep students for national accreditation tests in accounting such as the cpa (certified public accountant) exam. those who cannot pursue campus degrees can still work towards achieving their academic goals with the help of online accounting degrees. many recognized institutes are offering online associates degree in accounting. before enrolling in any institute, make sure you check the accreditation status of the institute as well as the program. the duration and curriculum of associate degrees may vary slightly from school to school.

career opportunities
the median annual income of accountants in 2012 was $63,550 according to the us bureau of labor statistics. this profession is among the fastest growing careers nowadays, with an above-average annual growth rate. an associate degree in accounting can possibly lead to entry-level accountancy jobs in different organizations. individuals can potentially start off with a challenging career as an accountant and gain practical know-how of the field.  the job-related tasks will vary from place to place. however, as an accountant, one must be able to prepare tax reports, analyze statements, maintain financial records, inspect and update account books, and oversee financial operations.


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