Associate in Interior Design

interior design careers are ranked among the fastest growing occupations according to the us bureau of labor statistics (bls). these designers work towards improving, creating, and designing interior spaces for residential or commercial buildings. by using different lighting, furniture, texture, and other elements, interior designer create or improve existing interior spaces to enhance functionality or aesthetic appeal. while many interior designers work for architect firms, a number of designers have set up their own offices and provide services to individual clients. if you have an interest in physical spaces and enjoy designing, this occupation may be a suitable choice.

however, becoming an interior designer requires college education and plenty of training. there are many community colleges offering associate's degrees in interior design. after completing a high school diploma, you could begin your pursuit of preparing for an interior design career by enrolling in an associate in interior design degree program. this degree program usually takes two years to complete.

associate's degrees in interior design
an associate's degree in interior design is geared towards providing students with fundamental knowledge about design principles and practical application. students acquire a thorough understanding of space planning and techniques used in today's industry. a certain portion of the program will cover theoretical based subjects such as two dimensional design, history or architecture, building codes, and materials/sources. it is important for individuals to have a sound base of knowledge and conceptual understanding. apart from theory-based work, the program will also emphasize practical skill development and cover subjects such as computer graphics, computer applications, and project management. here are a few objectives of interior design degrees:

  • allow students to work in different projects and communicate with clients
  • develop necessary computer skills
  • design within the context of current building systems and codes
  • respond appropriately to clients' demands and concerns
  • practically implement various design processes

associate's degrees could also be pursued online as many schools are offering online interior design degree programs to students who cannot attend campus-based classes. whether you pursue a degree online or at a campus-based school, the curriculum components will be the same. the duration of the program will basically depend upon the institute at which you enroll, and your enrollments status and commitment. at most community colleges, the duration of an associate's degree program is usually two years, while other institutes may offer accelerated program tracks. the program will help you prepare for more advanced studies in the same field, or even qualify you for entry-level jobs.

the licensing requirements for interior designers will vary from state to state. in some states, interior designers are required to pass a state-approved exam and acquire a valid license. the national council for interior design qualification is the most common licensing examination conducted in this field.

career opportunities
with a degree in this field, you could apply for a job as a graphic designer or set up your own business. on-the-job training will help you acquire the necessary skills and understand how the industry works. the median income for interior designers has been estimated to be $47,600 per year according to the bls.


Q:Will an Interior Design Associate degree help me qualify for managerial jobs?

A:You can work as an interior design assistant with an associate degree. This program is an undergraduate qualification and leads to entry level jobs. If you wish to pursue managerial level jobs, having at least a bachelor degree in necessary. There are many different schools that are currently offering interior design degree programs.

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