Colleges in Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania ranks among the highest in the United States in terms of its educational services. It is home to an Ivy League university and several other top-notch institutions where students from across the country attend. In addition, the state has a very active economy, which makes it an exciting place for new graduates to work as well.

Schools in Pennsylvania
The state's higher education system is primarily in charge of 14 state-owned schools. The state is also home to a number of private and public institutions in addition to these. Students looking to specialize in the fine arts (music, dance, or theatre) will be able to find specialized institutions offering four-year programs in these fields. Enrollment in Pennsylavanai private schools varies from very small - roughly 200 students - to about 5000. These private institutions generally cost more than their state-run counterparts. Students who choose to attend a state university should be prepared to deal with a larger number of students. These universities may have more than 10,000 enrolled students.

Some schools in Pennsylvania may be highly specialized. Some institutions may only admit students wishing to pursue graduate degrees. Others are focused only in dealing with doctoral candidates. This specialization is advantageous, because students are able to interact with like-minded peers in a concentrated environment. Community colleges are also available for students who want to test their aptitude for a particular field, or who wish to find entry-level, technical-based jobs. These colleges offer two-year associate's degrees which focus on training students in the fundamentals of their field. Students may use this degree to transfer into a bachelor's degree program, or they could enter the professional industry. Students who graduate from the top schools are highly competitive and could be ready to effectively tackle real-world problems in their industry. The state's quality of education is recognized and respected across the United States.

Industry Prospects
Pennsylvania's economy is a hotbed for graduates who have experience in business, management, or related fields. Many big name companies are headquartered across the state, and there is a constant need for insightful, competent professionals who are able to steer the companies towards success. There is a high demand for students with engineering or managerial expertise. Students with graduate level education will be able to assume greater responsibility, and may oversee key functions within companies, from logistics to human resources.

There is also room for students who have majored in biological or chemical sciences, and in particular with an agriculture concentration. Pennsylvania's agriculture sector is quite strong, and students may help further the industry. Those who major in environmental policy or urban planning may also contribute by working with the government and other institutions to foster sustainable growth in this industry. Individuals with accounting expertise are also generally in demand, because banking constitutes a large part of Pennsylvania's economy. Accountants will find several reputed banks who would consider their resumes. The bottom line is that the market and culture of the state is encouraging for all majors.


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