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The state of Ohio is a hotbed for industrial activity in the US. Home to some of the largest international companies, it is bustling with economic activity. Ohio also boasts some of the best educational standards in the nation. Schools in Ohio are among the top-ranking universities and colleges, and receive innumerable applications each year. If you are interested in applying to universities in Ohio, but are unsure of the process of application, or the kinds of majors available, reading this article may help you.

What Kinds of Majors Are Available?
Students in Ohio have an vast range of majors to choose from, spread across multiple areas of study. Whether you are interested in accounting or urban planning, dance or chemical engineering, you will be pleased to know that schools in Ohio offer the chance to major in these subjects. Undergraduate degrees are spread over 4 years, and involve a combination of research projects and class-based lectures to help impart concepts. Students are required to complete particular subjects within their major in order to become eligible for a degree. In addition to these 'core' courses, students are required to take courses in fields outside their majors. This is intended to make them better at analysis and problem-solving, and to provide them with a more holistic grooming experience. Students can also apply to schools in Ohio for graduate and doctoral programs. These vary in duration based on the program and school you apply to, but are necessary if you wish to assume more responsibility in the workplace or becoming involved in academia.

How Can I Find Out About Schools in Ohio?
The Ohio State Board of Education contains a list of all the schools which operate within the region. This comprehensive list should be the first place to visit if you are looking for colleges in Ohio. Not only does it give you an extensive list, it also helps identify legitimate schools from those which offer un-accredited degrees. Having an un-accredited degree negatively affects your professional chances, and should be avoided.

Job Prospects
The trade, transportation, and utilities sector of Ohio employs the largest number of its residents, with healthcare and education coming in at a close second. The state also houses the largest biosciences sector in the Midwest. As a result, students with a background in the sciences, engineering, or management will be able to find a number of opportunities for employment. The manufacturing sector of the state is also highly ranked against the rest of the country. Students who have a strong understanding of process engineering will be able to make the best of their degrees in these areas.

Application Criteria
The exact requirements vary depending upon the school you are applying to and the program you are applying for. All students will need to fill out an application form specific to the college, and submit their SAT scores and transcripts along with it. Additional requirements can be found out by contacting the university's admissions office in advance.


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