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during the last decade, the healthcare industry in the us has seen a surge. this is primarily because of a rising population and an increasing number of baby boomers entering old age. as a result, careers in nursing are also becoming a popular choice among individuals. occupations range from becoming a licensed practical nurse (lpn) to a registered nurse (rn), each entailing their own set of responsibilities. for those interested in becoming a part of this exciting field, the educational path is actually quite straightforward. a person can take one of the three potential choices:

  • complete a four year long bachelors of science in nursing (bsn) program
  • complete a two year long associates degree in nursing (adn) program
  • complete a diploma in nursing training courses

of these options, the bsn program is the most recommended.

why should i opt for a four year program?
while obtaining a diploma may be the quickest way to enter the nursing industry, the four-year-long bachelor's program is actually the smarter choice. this is because the bsn degree offers more intense and in-depth coverage of the materials involved, and also goes beyond the required nursing curriculum. students who enroll in a bachelor's program will spend two years covering subjects like physiology, pharmacology, and other areas in biology. furthermore, they will spend time in laboratory or clinical settings sharpening their practical skills and familiarizing themselves with hospital equipment and its proper usage. the next two years involve extensive learning in topics of humanities and social sciences. these include topics like sociology, psychology, and even some training in statistics and basic math. the aim of these courses is to help sharpen critical thinking abilities and groom students to become more effective at handling responsibility and being leaders in the workplace.

traditional vs. online programs
previously, universities would only offer campus-based opportunities for students interested in becoming nurses. for some individuals, this was difficult to manage. people who are currently working full-time jobs or have other commitments cannot accommodate a full-time degree in their schedule. in order to facilitate access to such people, universities are now offering online programs as well. these online degrees are an excellent option for individuals with other professional commitments, or even those who feel they have passed the college-going age. with online learning, the material is accessible universally, allowing students to work at their own pace and convenience. deadlines are also more flexible, and let students develop a solid grasp over the content before moving on. there are some limitations though - clinical modules cannot be completed online - but the benefits outweigh the risks. several bsn programs in ny are also offered by reputed universities.

employment opportunities
completing a bsn program allows you to enter the nursing field as a registered nurse (rn). in this capacity, you will oversee a team of junior nursing staff and work with doctors and physicians to diagnose patients and provide healthcare. you can also complete a masters in nursing to specialize in certain fields and enter higher paying jobs.

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