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Also known as the 'land of enchantment', New Mexico is home to a number of different industries that act as the lifeblood for the state and economy. A variety of manufacturing industries relating to electrical equipment as well as coal and petroleum products are established here, along with food processing, printing and publishing. With regards to the education sector, the state is home to a number of research facilities and higher education universities and colleges. New Mexico has had the privilege of boasting the highest number of PhD graduates in any state, back in the year 2000.

There are a number of accredited schools in New Mexico, popularly in the fields of liberal arts, engineering and technology. Systems engineering degrees are a popular choice among students who attend schools in New Mexico. These degree programs are available online as well as through full time on campus classes. A systems engineering degree program prepares students for future careers in the fields of energy, aerospace, bioscience, health, natural resources and the environment. Students can pursue a systems engineering degree at the certificate, bachelor and master's level. The general curriculum of a four year bachelor's degree in systems engineering typically consists of management and basic courses in engineering. Students get to study variety of courses such as:

  • Power systems,
  • Automation,
  • Engineering ethics,
  • Engineering design,
  • Mechanical systems,
  • Instrumentation,
  • Quality management techniques
  • Technological science
  • Project management
  • Communications

A Master of Science degree in systems engineering is also offered by accredited schools in New Mexico. Master's degrees are typically two year degrees. They are more specialized in a way than bachelor's degrees and put a lot of emphasis on research and field work.

Certificate programs in systems engineering are also available.  These are typically 6 months long in duration. These certification programs are a viable option for those individuals who wish to focus on a single area of systems engineering but find that they don't have time for a full time on campus degree program. Online certificate programs from accredited institutes are a popular choice for such individuals who want to study at their own convenience, whenever and wherever they choose to do so. Moreover, these online programs also prove to be more cost effective than other full time degree programs.

Career Options with a degree in Systems Engineering:
With a degree in systems engineering, individuals can hope to find work as:

  • Software systems engineers
  • Engineering managers
  • Environmental systems engineers
  • Petroleum systems engineers
  • Industrial systems engineers
  • Electronics systems engineers
  • Post secondary engineering teachers

Job outlook in New Mexico
New Mexico holds a unique position in the US as the hub of major US science and innovative technology developments. Consequentially, with a heavy government and military presence in the state, the job outlook and economic environment of New Mexico is relatively stable.


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