Colleges in Maine

The state of Maine is famous for its shipbuilding ports and amazing tourist locations, offering residents and visitors stunning views and snowy slopes. However, the state's education system also ranks highly, and is host to thousands of students on a regular basis. Schools in Maine typically fall under two major categories. The first of these are Baccalaureate colleges, they offer a standard four-year undergraduate program focused on developing core skills in your intended major. The second category of colleges is the Liberal Arts programs. These schools go beyond the standard curriculum and are aimed at helping students become better critical thinkers and develop sharper analytical skills.

Liberal arts schools in Maine are greater in number than Baccalaureate ones, but they can also be expensive. This is because most of the institutes are private colleges which take in very few students on a yearly basis. While this means that the school provides excellent quality education to the students, it also means this provision comes with a price.

Gaining Admission
There is no standard policy which applies to all the schools in Maine. It is recommended that you visit the school's website and contact its admission affairs office if you want to get further clarifications. Some institutes in Maine have a SAT-optional policy, which students may find helpful. The SATs are standardized tests which students must take to prove their academic aptitude for an undergraduate degree.

What Kind of Degrees Are There?
Students studying in schools in Maine have the option of obtaining a Bachelors of Arts (BA) or Bachelors of Science (BSc/BS) degree. The difference in the degree essentially lies in whether the university considers your area of study as an art or a science. There is a difference in the curriculum within these degrees, and the program may vary in duration as a result. Typically though, these degrees can be completed between 3 to 5 years, depending on your workload and time commitments.

Employment Opportunities
If you intend to work within the state of Maine upon graduation, there are a number of industries that require competent professionals. Most of the occupations within Maine emphasize manufacturing. From paper products to ship construction, there is a need for both trained engineers and managers who can ensure that the companies are working towards progress. Schools in Maine recognize this, and offer specific programs preparing students in these areas.

Tourism and outdoor recreation are also areas where you can find opportunities. Whether you wish to work for a tourism firm, as a hotel manager, or start your own business, there are degrees available in schools in Maine which can help you gain the theoretical knowledge you need. You can also take up a job with the government, helping the Department of Tourism develop more tourist-friendly policies and identify new locations for recreational development. Maine is also home to the world's largest supplier of genetically purebred mice, so a career in the biological sciences may also prove to be challenging and rewarding.


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