Colleges in Louisiana

Louisiana is famous for being the world's largest producer of crawfish, but it is also home to a number of top-notch universities offering students quality education. If you are interested in learning more about the kinds of schools in Louisiana, and the employment opportunities within the state, this article will help you gain some direction.

What Kinds of Degrees Are Available At Schools in Louisiana?
Louisiana is home to a large number of institutes both in the private and public categories. The region also has a research university. Schools in Louisiana offer a broad variety of degrees. Those interested in the fine arts will find the opportunity to major in Dance, Theatre, Jazz, and even areas like Photography and Sculpture. Those interested in engineering can obtain a Bachelors of Science in Engineering from the same schools. There are also majors available for those interested in management and managerial positions.

Louisiana universities also offer degrees in education for students interested in becoming teachers and educators. Students can focus their studies to prepare for teaching elementary school children or higher grades. Graduate degrees will be necessary to teach at a high school or college level. Students who wish to improve their writing skills and enter the journalism or a similar writing-based profession will also be able to benefit from degrees and programs in writing and journalism.

Employment Opportunities
If you wish to work within the state of Louisiana once you graduate, you will be able to find opportunities across multiple industries. Cities like Baton Rouge and New Orleans are hotbeds for film activity. If you have a degree in filmmaking, photography, writing, or performance and theatre, you can get involved in this profession.

Those with a background in chemical engineering will be able to find jobs in the petroleum industry, and will also be able to work with chemical manufacturers. Mechanical engineers help in manufacturing and designing machinery. Some students may wish to take up managerial jobs within the same companies, overseeing employees and strengthening the business's foothold in the industry.

Admission Requirements
Schools in Louisiana
have varying requirements from their applicants, depending on the university you apply to and the program which you apply for. Some programs are more competitive than others, and require students to prepare extensive portfolios showcasing their abilities in order to gain admission. Others may require a standard application along with your high school transcripts and SAT scores. It is always recommended that you contact the admissions office of your intended school well in advance, so that you do not get stuck.

It is also recommended that students take some time to look through the Louisiana Department of Education's website, in order to find a list of schools which are authorized to award degrees. Without an accredited degree, your efforts and money will ultimately go to waste and hurt your chances of securing a job in this bustling market.


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