Colleges in Kentucky

Kentucky may not be the first state that comes to mind when students want to apply for college. The Bluegrass state, however, boasts quality educational institutes which serve students from all over the United States and the world for that matter. Almost 130,000 students are enrolled in various programs across schools in Kentucky.

What Kinds of Schools in Kentucky Are There?
There are eight major public universities operating within the state, which branch into two different categories. The first category consists of research institutes, with students studying life and social sciences. Regional schools fall into the second category. Public universities offer a wider range of majors and programs for students to choose from, and have a similar curriculum within these majors as well. The regional schools in Kentucky offer majors and degrees specific to the area in which they are situated. For instance, students in the eastern part of the state can take a unique degree in Forestry offered by one of the schools in the area, whereas students in the western half can major in Cave Management. The research institutes are primarily concerned with conducting medical research, but they are also involved in research in other areas. If you are interested in becoming a journalist, one of the regional schools offers a highly ranked journalism program. Kentucky is also home to a university offering the nation's only Space Science program.

Admission Requirements
Admission requirements vary depending on which university you apply to and what program you apply for. Generally though, it is recommended to have some background knowledge in the intended major you wish to pursue. Those interested in Journalism would be at an advantage if they have a couple of writing courses under their belt; engineers will need to have an understanding of physics, chemistry, math, and other life sciences. Like other states, SAT is also important for schools in Kentucky. It serves as a proof of the student's aptitude, and you can improve your chances for admission. Lastly, your chances of admission depend greatly on how competitive the program itself is. Contact the university's admissions affairs office if you wish to gain more information.

Employment Opportunities
If you wish to work within the state of Kentucky upon graduation, your employment opportunities will be wide open. The region has high levels of activity in agriculture, auto manufacturing, and medical facilities. Students with an engineering background can easily enter the industry, working on manufacturing agricultural machinery or vehicles. Students with a background in biological sciences or medicine can enter the research institutes within the state, or go on to other areas with their expertise. Of course, with such a high level of activity, there is also plenty of room for people with a background in accounting and those who have solid managerial skills, to ensure that businesses continue to grow in and around the state of Kentucky.


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