Colleges in Hawaii

Hawaii is the most recent US state with an estimated population of 1,404,054 in 2012. It is not only known for its natural beauty and abundant islands, but it has some great educational opportunities to offer too. Tourism is not only the predominant employer in Hawaii; it is also considered the main revenue producer and growth sector. However, agriculture, aquaculture, and film and television production have recently played a positive role in expanding the state's economic base.

Schools in Hawaii
After graduating from high school or earning a GED, students may go on to pursue degrees from colleges and universities in Hawaii. They may choose to attend public two-year, four-year, or graduate institutes, or two-year or four-year private institutes. Students' decisions will depend on their prior education, career objectives, and reach and accessibility. The state universities are administered by The University of Hawai'i System, comprising of three universities, seven community colleges, and community-based learning centers. Depending on their interests and career objectives, students may pursue programs in a wide range of fields such as arts, humanities, or sciences. You'll be able to find programs ranging from accounting to zoology and professional development to vocational training.

Programs may be found at different degree levels; associate, bachelor, or master's degrees. Associate's degrees are usually earned in two years, bachelor's programs are generally completed in four years, and master's degrees may be completed in 1 to 2 years. The exact duration of the program will depend on the route that students decide to take; they are normally able to choose from self-paced programs or accelerated coursework. Students may also choose to pursue online degrees, and these types of programs are offered by several schools with distance learning programs. Online education has several benefits. It helps in cutting down costs, and enables you to manage your professional responsibilities alongside your education. You will be able to study according to your own schedule, and from virtually any location.

Although there are many schools in Hawaii, it is preferable to enroll in accredited schools. Accreditation helps ensures that the school meets required standards of education and offer high-standard programs. Accredited institutes are also widely recognized among the employers.


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