Pharmacy Schools in Georgia

admission requirements:
in order to become a pharmacist, one must have a doctor of pharmacy (pharm.d.) degree from an accredited school. the admission requirements for the pharmacy programs usually vary from school to school, so prospective students are advised to check with the admission counselors of the pharmacy school they wish to enroll in.

generally, in order to get into pharmacy schools, students need to complete at least 2 years of pre pharmacy education following high school. most pharmacy students complete three or more years of undergraduate training before starting a formal pharmacy program. a thorough knowledge of courses such as biology, chemistry and anatomy is important.  some programs may even require a bachelor's degree as part of their admission requirements. for most programs, applicants may also be required to take the pharmacy college admissions test (pcat). while most pharm.d. programs usually take 4 years to finish , some institutions also offer a 3 year option.  accredited pharmacy colleges in georgia offeronline programs as well. online programs are convenient in that students can work at their own pace and these programs are often more cost effective than on campus ones.

general curriculum of pharmacy colleges in georgia:
students in pharm .d. programs usually study courses in pharmacology and medical ethics. they also get to acquire supervised work experiences in different settings such as pharmacies, retail stores and hospitals. to further enhance their education and attain advanced pharmacy positions in clinical pharmacy or any other research based job, pharmacists can complete a 1 to 2 year residency following their pharm .d degree. pharmacists who wish to pursue the business side of the profession can choose to get a master's degree in business administration (mba).  others can further pursue a degree in public health.

licensure requirements:
in order to practice, all pharmacists must be licensed. the licensure requirements vary from state to state. after completing the pharm .d. program, prospective pharmacists must pass two exams to get a license. one of the exams is in pharmacy skills and knowledge. the other comprises the pharmacy law in the state giving the pharmacy license.

job outlook and pay:
bls states that the employment of pharmacists is expected to increase by 25 per cent from 2010 to 2020, which is faster than the average of all occupations. demand for pharmacists is expected to rise continuously in physician's offices, outpatient care centers and nursing homes. with regard to the pay, according to o net online, the median wages for 2012 came to $116, 670 annually.


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