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are you looking for a profession which is challenging, dynamic, and financially rewarding? if yes, then a career in nursing might be the right option for you. as a nurse you will become an important part of the healthcare system. you will not only help save lives, but provide care for people on a day to day basis. nursing is also the one of the fastest growing careers in georgia. the demand for nurses is rising due to an increasing aging population and the growing emphasis on healthcare. according to the us bureau of labor statistics the hourly average wage of registered nurses in georgia is $29.00, one of the highest in the region. there are many pathways to becoming a nurse in georgia, but if you're considering college you should consider a bachelor of science in nursing (bsn) program in georgia.

what should i expect in a nursing bachelor's degree program?
there are many colleges and universities in georgia which offer bsn programs. these include both public and private colleges. a bsn program is usually takes four years to complete. during this time, students have to take several core courses. these will include courses in the natural sciences - physics, chemistry, and biology. in addition to these, students will have to take courses in the humanities, social sciences, and other related disciplines. outside the classroom, students may be required to take courses which give them clinical experience. the aim here is to provide students with hands-on experience in real hospital settings.
when choosing a bsn program you may wish to consider the following things:

  • the gpa requirements of the program. some programs are more competitive than others and will require higher grade point averages. other programs may be more accommodating. this information is usually available on the college's website. you can also look through current students profile to get an idea about what it takes to get into the program.
  • the particular make-up of the programs - explore the courses offered by the school to see if it is a good fit for you. most college websites provide detailed descriptions of their curriculum, which allows you to get an understanding of the program and types of courses you will need to take.

after you complete your program
after you have earned your bsn at a nursing program in georgia you will have to apply for a license from the state. you may need to take a licensing exam, so you should check with the state agency responsible for issuing licenses. after you have gained your license, you will be eligible to practice as a registered nurse (rn).  you will be able to practice in hospitals as well as other healthcare facilities like clinics, private practices, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. you will have the option to continue your education for advanced degrees. this can include a master of science in nursing (msn) or even a phd in nursing. if you decide purse an advanced degree, these post-graduate and doctoral degrees in nursing help you earn positions in administration, teaching or senior level nursing posts in the hospital.

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