Criminal Justice Schools in Florida

florida is one of the most densely populated states in the nation, home to over 19 million people. with a diversified culture, the state reflects the influence of many different ethnicities ranging from native american to hispanic and from african american to european. florida has a large economy that relies mainly on tourism, agriculture, and transportation. the government of florida established the basic law and protects the right of freedom of its residents. with a strong infrastructure and growing economy, a lot of emphasis has been laid upon the higher education system in the state. the florida board of governors is the main body that governs the state university system. the main aim of this board is to promote higher education and regulate the education service delivery systems.

criminal justice colleges in florida
criminal justice is a leading academic discipline in the state of florida. there are a number of private and public universities offering criminal justice degree programs in this field. the career opportunities that come with criminal justice are challenging and diverse. florida has a complex law enforcement system that comprises of police departments, corrections facilities, border patrol, criminal courts, and federal agencies. individuals interested in becoming a part of this industry in florida may prepare themselves with the help of criminal justice education.

criminal justice degrees
criminal justice may be defined as a system of agencies and institutions that uphold law and mitigate crime. every state has its own framework of criminal justice organizations that work towards maintaining social order and reducing the crime rate. universities in florida are offering criminal justice as a major at all levels of post-secondary education. students may choose from associate level degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees in criminal justice. the objective of these degree programs is to provide students with in-depth knowledge about criminal justice theories, criminology, and skills needed for criminal justice careers.

criminal justice schools in florida are accredited by the southern association of colleges and schools. this is a regulating board that is authorized by the higher education commission to oversee the university system in the state. accreditation is one of the most important factors to consider before enrollment as it reflects the school’s compliance with quality standards.

what could you do with a criminal justice degree in florida?
with a criminal justice degree in florida, you could pursue a career in any of the following main agencies in the state:

  • florida department of corrections
  • florida department of environmental protection
  • florida highway patrol
  • florida department of law enforcement
  • homeland security department

the training requirements will vary for each agency. as the state is experiencing growth in all sectors, the need for tighter security and control is necessary. many law enforcement agencies are recruiting criminal justice professionals to work under their roof. you do not have to join law enforcement if you have a degree in criminal justice; you could choose to work in the state’s court system or apply for the fbi. according to the us bureau of labor statistics, in may 2013, police officers in florida made a mean annual wage of $57,280. the demand for criminal justice professionals is expected to grow in the coming years.


criminal justice is an interdisciplinary academic field which draws heavily from law, sociology, and psychology. it is the study of law enforcement agents, juvenile justice agencies, correctional institutions, courts, and the police. criminal justice is taught all across the united states in various colleges and universities. it is one of the most popular majors pursued by students in florida.

criminal justice schools in florida
there are many public and private institutes of higher learning in florida which offer degrees in criminal justice. in addition to the criminal justice programs offered on campus, many online universities offer them as well; providing a convenient learning option for students.

benefits of online education
online education could be as beneficial as traditional education, given that the institute you enroll in is accredited. furthermore, individuals already working as law enforcement officers may find enrolling in an online program to be of benefit since students make their own schedule. many students enrolled in a criminal justice program online may prefer to study in the evening. some online schools may also allow students to complete their degree in a longer period of time.

criminal justice degrees
criminal justice may be studied at associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral levels. students enrolled in the associate in science in criminal justice degree may complete the degree in 2 years with full-time enrollment. students may be taught theories of crime causation and crime control policy. they may further learn the us criminal justice system and its workings. this degree may serve as stepping stone for further studies at the bachelor’s degree level, or qualify students to apply for entry-level jobs in florida's criminal justice system.

the bachelor of science in criminal justice degree is a 4-year (full-time) program providing students with a general overview of theories and methods of social science. students may focus on criminal activity, social policy and its relationship with crime control, criminal court procedures, policing, and corrections. for the first two years, students may take courses in english, history, philosophy, literature, natural science, computer science, and mathematics. some of the core requirements may be satisfied by courses like:
  • courts, society, and criminal procedure
  • criminal law
  • corrections: concepts, systems, and issues
  • police and society
  • principles of criminal justice
  • sociological methods

students may further choose from some of the following electives:

  • introduction to urban affairs
  • drugs and society
  • individual and society
  • violence in the family
  • sociology of minority groups
  • social psychology

career options
graduates with degrees in criminal justice are hired by federal, state, county, and city governments as well as private organizations and individuals. with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, you may qualify to apply for a job as a probation officer and correctional treatment specialist. their primary duty is to work with offenders to help them rehabilitate and not commit crimes again. the us bureau of labor statistics (bls) reported them earning a yearly median income of $48,190 in 2012.



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