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Delaware is considered to be a business friendly state. Due to the lenient business and tax regulations, some of the largest corporations have their offices in Delaware. Since the 1990s, the sectors of finance and insurance have gained a lot of importance, and are now a big source of income and employment. Manufacturing and agriculture are also among the significant sectors. While manufacturing, credit card, banking, insurance industries are concentrated in the north of Delaware, farming is done below the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.

Business Schools in Delaware
There are a number of business schools in Delaware that offer education in different fields of business. Students could successfully launch a business career by acquiring education in fields such as accounting, managerial economics, business administration, and finance. Programs are also offered in hospitality management, marketing, entrepreneurship, sales, and e-commerce. Students could also choose degrees in management information systems, human resources, organizational behavior, and supply chain management.

Business Degrees
It is advisable for business school applicants to look for accredited schools in Delaware. Accredited schools not only ensure quality of education, they may also enhance the employment opportunities and the value of a business degree. Business degrees are offered to students at various levels, to meet their different educational requirements.

The following are the business degree levels commonly offered in Delaware:

  • Associate's degree
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Master's degree
  • Certificate/Diploma in Business

Admission Requirements
Admission requirements will have some degree of variation among business schools. Accredited schools have rigid admission criteria, while unaccredited may be fairly lenient in their requirements. However, unaccredited programs are not recommended as they may not hold any value. The following are some general admission guidelines for many business degree programs:

  • A high school diploma or a GED test certificate
  • SAT test score or ACT test score
  • Completely filled in application form
  • Application essays
  • Application fee according to the business school
  • Proof of proficiency in English or TOEFL test certificate for foreign students
  • Admission Interview - phone interviews of 20-30 minutes are also conducted

Online Business Schools

Individuals who would like to acquire business education in a cost-effective and flexible manner may choose to enroll in online business schools. Online business schools equip students with various professional skills. Students have the opportunity to study at their pace and make their own study schedule. Online schools may also help students reduce their education costs, as they do not have to pay for commuting, dorm room accommodation, textbooks, or various other expenses related to on-campus education.

While accredited online business schools generally follow a similar curriculum to that of on-campus programs, the method of instruction is much more flexible. Students utilize several latest learning resources such as video lectures, discussion threads, online textbooks, PowerPoint slides, online tests, and more. In order to enhance the retention of course material and help students with the review of concepts, online schools give 24/7 access to course material. Students are able to access their course content any time and just about from anywhere.


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