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Brushing up on your knowledge and existing skills is always a good professional practice. Online certification programs provide you with that platform where you can take specialized courses and pursue a career enhancement, advancement or even when thinking of changing your career. Many employers regard employees with certification to have a good scope for professional development.

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What Are Online Certificate Programs?
Online certificate programs basically provide online classes centered on a specific, specially designed topic area. Their main purpose is to help students to either achieve a higher education level or help them attain a qualification necessary for their chosen profession. Many accredited schools and institutes offer online certificate programs at both undergraduate and graduate level of study. Certificate programs typically span a period of six months or less, depending upon the curriculum and the pace of study.

Benefits Of Online Certificate Programs:
Online certificate programs include a variety of different courses of study and topics to suit an individual's needs. Be it a human resource online certification to help you advance to a senior level position in your organization or a certificate in public safety and security that equips you with valuable skills to deal effectively with your job as a policeman or fire investigator. There are a number of benefits that online certificate programs offer.

One of the foremost advantages of an online certificate program is that it is a very convenient, manageable and flexible form of learning. Students can study at their own pace and do so from the comfort of their homes or work place. Working professionals need not disrupt their current work schedule as online certificate programs are devised in such a way that individuals can study at their own convenience and preferred time.  Students get to study through a variety of mediums such as eBooks, webcasts, podcasts, and videos etc. Students get to interact with their peers and instructors this way and finish their assignments online.

Accredited Online Certificate Programs:
When researching for online certificate programs, it is imperative to make sure that they are fully accredited. Accredited academic institutes that offer online certificate programs are usually authorized by either a regional or a national accreditation agency.  These accreditation agencies are recognized by the US Department of Education. Moreover, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) carries out a routine inspection of all the administrative practices, the curriculum as well as the faculty to ascertain that all the schools uphold the dictated educational standards. The enrollment criterion for online certificate programs usually varies according to the level and scope of study and also differs from school to school. Different schools have their own course requirements and variations in class schedules, assignments and student participation.

Areas Of Study:
Online Certificate programs are available in a variety of fields.  A certificate can be achieved in the following disciplines,

  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Accounting
  • Teaching
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Criminal justice
  • Technology

These programs are available in traditional schools as well. However, for some students the online option is more attractive and convenient for a number of reasons.


Q:Are Certificate Programs great for boosting a career?

A:Yes, certificate programs act as extra credentials. Individuals who earn a certificate in a specific field can basically apply for better jobs and boost their career. Certificate programs are career oriented and are available in almost any academic field. Many professionals are opting for such programs to take their career to the next level and increase their income potential.

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