Colleges in Connecticut

Although Connecticut is famous for its rural beauty, it earns most of its wealth from industry. Historic products of the state include textiles, clocks and watches, sewing machines, and silverware. However, the current principal industries manufacture electronics and electrical machinery, jet engines and parts, computer equipment, and helicopters. Insurance is also known as an important sector. Hartford metropolitan area is a home to insurance offices of many large companies. Finance, service, and real estate industries are considered to be crucial for Connecticut's economy.

Business Schools in Connecticut
Students who are interested in earning a business degree in Connecticut have a number of options. Various degree programs are available in business, including graduate degrees. In addition, the wide range of scholarships enables high-performing students to get financial assistance. There are various scholarships available for students in business, accounting, and finance for low income and traditionally underrepresented groups.

Business Programs in Connecticut
A wide range of business programs are offered to students in Connecticut. They could enroll in business degree programs such as accounting, human resources management, administration, international business, marketing, and entertainment and sports management. Business schools also offer programs in entrepreneurship, hospitality management, IT management, E-commerce, real estate, and public administration. It is important for students to select accredited business programs, in order to acquire quality education and have better career opportunities.

Business Degrees Levels
Business degrees are offered at various levels to meet the diverse educational needs and career goals of students. Degree levels that are normally offered by Connecticut business schools include:

  • Associate's Degree
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Certificate/Diploma
  • Master's Degree and MBA Degree
  • Doctoral Degree

Business School Admission Requirements
Admission requirements for business schools may vary from one school to another. Accredited schools have relatively stringent requirements, when compared to unaccredited business schools. However, unaccredited business schools are not recommended, as they have little or no value in terms of quality education and employment prospects. The following are some general admission requirements for business degree programs offered by online colleges.

  • High school diploma or an equivalent certificate
  • SAT or ACT test score
  • Completed application
  • Application fee according to the instructions of business school
  • Application Essays/Personal Statement
  • Proficiency in English for foreign students; TOEFL certificate
  • Interview for admission - face-to-face or telephone interview of 20-30 minutes

Online Business Schools
Online business schools could be a good option for individuals looking for flexible and cost-effective business degrees. Accredited online schools offer a similar curriculum to that of on-campus programs, but the method of instruction is much more convenient. Many online programs use the latest learning resources to make course material available for students: e-textbooks, video lectures, PowerPoint slides, online exams, and practice exercises. These resources provide students with the luxury to study at their pace and have their own study schedule. Also, students may be able to reduce their education costs as they usually do not need to pay for commuting, textbooks, and dorm room accommodation.


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