Colleges in Colorado

The state of Colorado is home to a number of federal government institutes. It is also home to a large number of top-ranking colleges and universities, giving thousands of students access to quality education. If you are interested in applying to schools in Colorado, this article will help you gain better understanding of the process.

What Will I Need?

Students applying to schools in Colorado are required to complete an application form for that particular college or university. Along with this, they will need to submit a copy of their high school transcripts and their SAT or ACT scores. Unlike some states where SAT is optional, schools in Colorado require this test. The exact application process may vary depending on the school and program. Fine arts programs, for instance, require applicants to submit a portfolio showcasing their ability for the admissions committee to review. Contacting the school's admission office is highly recommended if you have any confusion regarding the process. It is better to contact them in advance, so that there is ample time to review your application.

What Kinds of Schools In Colorado Are There?

Colorado is mostly famous for its engineering degrees, but it caters to a variety of students. Architecture, applied sciences, and business are among the popular degrees within the region. Students can avail degrees at graduate, undergraduate, and doctoral level across several subjects, making it a popular choice for grad school applicants. Undergraduate degrees are spread over four years and help students develop their core skills in their chosen major. Programs are highly competitive, with many of the freshmen representing the top quarter of their class. In addition to having many public schools, the region has a number of private institutes in operation as well. Student strength is generally lower here, but the cost of tuition is comparatively higher.

Employment Opportunities

If you wish to work within the state of Colorado upon graduation, then there are many opportunities awaiting you. The federal government is one of the biggest employers in the region, with the North American Aerospace Defense Command and other facilities located here. There is also a lot of scope in environmental policy planning and forestry management, given Colorado's abundant natural reserves. In recent times, scientific research has started to gain traction in the state, making research-oriented degrees within schools in Colorado increasingly useful. Chemical product manufacture, mineral extraction, and food processing are becoming more and more integral in the state's economy. Mechanical engineers may also find good opportunities in developing transportation equipment, and students with a business background can find managerial positions within these companies. Students with a background in geography and geology can also become part of the US Geological Survey and other similar facilities operating within the state.


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