Colleges in Arizona

People thinking of Arizona are almost always reminded of harsh summer suns beating down on them. However, this state has a booming economy, with a gross state product higher than that of countries like Ireland and New Zealand. It is also home to some top universities and schools offering quality education.

What Kinds of Programs are Available?
Schools in Arizona
offer a broad range of majors and programs. Whether you wish to become a journalist or an engineer; work as a hotel manager or an accountant, you will find majors suited to your professional and personal goals. These schools realize that graduates may not necessarily be interested in working in Arizona upon graduation, so they offer a range of degrees to help prepare them for industries abroad and in other states. Undergraduate programs are usually spread over four years, and combine studies in your major along with courses in other areas. The aim of these programs is to groom students to become better problem-solvers and tackle complex problems in their chosen fields.

The ratio of public to private schools is quite low. The region is served by a large number of private universities and colleges, but only three public institutions. The cost of studying in the state may be higher than elsewhere in the US since private institutions tend to charge higher tuition costs.

Admission Requirements
If you are applying to schools in Arizona for an undergraduate degree, it is a good idea to browse through the websites for each school in order to find out their exact admission criteria. There is no set standard for admission followed by schools across the state, and your chances of admission depend on several factors. Students with a high school background in their intended area of study, and possessing a good academic record, stand a higher chance of gaining admission.

Some universities also require specific information from students who are applying from out of state. For instance, students from Puerto Rico may be required to submit English Language Proficiency documents along with their transcripts and application forms. Students from some states may be required to show their immunization records or provide health insurance information. It is always recommended to approach the admissions office to seek clarifications before applying.

Employment Opportunities
Students interested in working in Arizona after graduation will find it useful to know that the top employers in the region are from the health and financial services; and tourism, aerospace manufacturing, and retail are the next industries. Molding your undergraduate studies in areas like engineering, accounting, business management, and hotel management will help you gain the skills required by these fields, and may help you along your career.

With your education, you could choose to either work in a private or public company, or become involved in policymaking by gaining employment in the government. Your skill set that you learn in a degree program will be equally valid in all of these situations.


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