Theology Degrees

Theology is the study of God, but this may be an oversimplified definition. A famous theologian, A. H. Strong, has explained theology as "the Science of God and of the relations between God and the universe." For Saint Augustine, theology was "Rational discussion respecting the deity." Theology is driven from Greek "theos" which is "God" and "-ology" which stands for "word". Paul the Apostle, John the Evangelist, and others, in addition to the two mentioned earlier, are some of the most well-known theologians. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was a graduate of theology.

What Do Theologians Do?
To understand the role of theologians, one must understand the nature of theology. Theology could be divided into religious and philosophical theology. The former is a rational exploration of the meaning and consequences of faith in a revealed religion, while the latter explores the questions about God by using natural human reason. Theologians are philosophers exploring the nature of God and existence. Furthermore, they are also explorers of the concept of faith in any revealed religion. In the case of Catholicism, Catholic theologians study Christ and his apostles, their written work (scriptures), and the concepts of faith based on these writings like "Sacred Tradition" and "deposit of faith".

Theology Degrees
Theological studies at various academic levels are pursued by many students. There are colleges and universities with schools of divinity as well as independent theological seminaries. These institutes offer various academic programs in religion, theology, divinity, biblical counseling, and Christian education and leadership. These programs may be offered at associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral levels, both traditionally and online.

Online Theology Degree
Those already in a ministry setting or who are unable to commute to a campus for classes may find enrolling in an online theology degree program to be of benefit. Admission requirements for online degree programs are the same as traditional on-campus theology degree programs; however, these requirements are different from other degree programs like business, economics, engineering, and others. For an admission into an online theology degree program, potential students will need to have their high school diploma (for a bachelor's degree) or a bachelor's degree (for a master's degree), and an applicant may be asked to fulfill the following:

  • Have faith in Christ
  • Have proven Christian character
  • Have faith in the doctrines of physical return of Christ, salvation through Christ alone, Christ's full deity and humanity, the Trinity, and the authority and inerrancy of Scripture

Some of the courses offered online may be titled as:

  • Intro to Theology
  • Evangelism
  • Spiritual Life
  • New Testament Introduction
  • Elements of Greek 1 & 2
  • Intro to World Missions
  • Eschatology
  • Sanctification & Ecclesiology
  • Soteriology
  • Trinitarianism
  • The Gospels

A master's degree in theology, for example, may consist of 36 total hours, which need to be finished within a given period of time. Career options available for graduates may include:

  • Teaching Pastor
  • Non-licensed Counselor
  • Lay Pastor
  • Church Counselor

If you are interested in the age-old questions relating to God and God-man relationship, a degree in theology may just be the best academic program to follow.


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