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Applying for admissions into bachelor's and master's programs in the US is an extremely frustrating time for students. With more than four thousand public and private academic institutions across the country provisioning for both 2-year and 4-year periods of study and more than 2.5 million degrees being awarded each year, becoming part of the entire process can seem daunting at first. This is where Eddirect comes in and makes the task of navigating through the overwhelming number of institutions and their degree programs a whole lot simpler.

Eddirect has almost a century worth of experience in publishing educational material for facilitating students of all educational levels, professionals and technical personnel. This website is a culmination of much of the insight that Eddirect has acquired over the decades and thus is uniquely positioned in helping students make the best possible decision for their future career.

The various tools and resources that are on offer here range from narrowing down on a suitable school or a specific degree program to finding out comprehensive information on the financial assistance available.

The 'Compare Student Loan' widget has been carefully designed to give you a comparison across loans offered by various banks and lenders against the institution. The tri-field 'Search Now' widget comes in handy when trying to narrow in on a particular college or university or to select a degree that would best fit as per the choices of educational level, category and subject.

The resources available on this website serve as an excellent opportunity for you to pursue your desirable career.


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