Doctoral in Engineering (General)

Many people think that obtaining a PhD is only relevant for those who wish to enter academia or research within their field. While this may be the reason for a majority of students, it does not mean that this is the only possible outcome. A PhD degree allows students to push the boundaries of their knowledge in their field, and use this to explore new areas of research. Individuals with a doctoral degree could then take their new ideas and understanding and apply them practically or teach them to other students. PhD programs are highly rigorous and require students to work on a dissertation in which they conduct research on a new topic within their field. They will also take courses along the way to supplement what they have learned during their undergraduate and graduate programs.

PHD in Engineering
There is a consistent debate over the usefulness of obtaining a PhD in engineering. It is true that individuals with an engineering background at an undergraduate or graduate level are able to sufficiently handle most real-world problems and also earn high income. In light of this fact, there are engineers who believe that there is little additional advantage in a PhD in engineering. However, the ability to conduct research in an area of your interest, and develop a novel method of tackling existing problems is one potential reason to consider a doctoral program.

What Areas Could A Student Obtain An Engineering PhD?
The most common fields within engineering in which a student could obtain a doctoral degree are computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering. However, fields like biomedical engineering and industrial engineering could also be studied at an advanced level. The main emphasis in these programs is to conduct some form of research which could be used in practical applications or help understand problems in this field. For instance, computer engineering PhD candidates could use this time to work on new protocols for making energy-efficient microprocessors. This idea will have huge impacts on the real world, which would make it highly important.

Online PhD Programs
If you have a passion to learn more and engage in new and unique research as a PhD candidate, you should know that these programs are highly competitive and stringent on funding for projects. You may want to complete a PhD degree for the sake of learning, without wanting to quit your current job. In these cases, consider an online PhD. Engineering schools are now offering candidates a chance to enroll in these online courses, and complete their degree requirements on a part-time basis, thus providing a convenient and flexible way of obtaining advanced qualifications.

Some online PhD engineering programs will require students to attend classes through online streaming sessions, while others will simply upload lectures for future access. In either case, students are able to access materials regardless of geographical location and still 'attend' class. These programs also may cost less than their campus-based counterparts, and since you don't have to quit your job to resume studying, it becomes much easier to maintain a balance between your work life and your studies.


Q:I am looking for an online PhD engineering. What will be my career options?

A:Graduates with an online PhD in engineering acquire in-depth knowledge and research on a number of areas in engineering. With a doctoral degree, they can acquire higher management positions in various engineering fields. They can lead engineering teams and work as projects managers. They can also become researchers or join academia as university professors.

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