Bachelor in Art & Design

Students who are creative and wish to develop their skills in arts, crafts, and design further will need a lot of training. In today's world, art and design is a major at many colleges, and it has far-reaching applicability in a number of fields. If you are interested in a career that involves using your skills, then perhaps getting a bachelor in art and design degree is recommended.

What is The Degree?
The bachelor in art and design degree is a four-year program which packs a rigorous curriculum and a combination of classwork and projects. The major aims of the degree are to: Make students aware of the various art and design theories and their applications

  • Teach students how to use these theories in creating their own original work
  • Sharpen creativity and make students more detail oriented
  • Improve critical thinking ability, to arrive at novel ideas according to a client's specifications
  • Design and execute works of art by using a variety of materials and different forms

Over the course of four years, students are taken through a variety of courses across multiple areas. They are taught how to draw and develop their understanding of the elements of art. Next, students are taught how to implement these elements in works of art in two, three, and four dimensions respectively. The increasing level of difficulty not only challenges the creative abilities of the students, but also exposes them to the possibilities which exist from their basic tool set. In addition to this, students are taught more about the different types of materials that could be used to create art and novel designs. The combination of project work ensures that students are getting ample exposure to each material, and are aware of how to manipulate them towards their advantage. From photography to wood and metal, photo editing software to 3d animation, ceramics to cinematography, the options are wide open for students to pick and play with.

What Could I Do with This Degree?
At the end of four years, students have spent time learning about art and design to understand how it works and how to use it to express their creative interests. With their wide skill set, students could start their own career as a solo artist, or work with different companies which require their expertise. For instance, students could work as photographers at wedding planners or for fashion magazines. They could also extend their principles of art and design into fashion, or work with advertising agencies in creating riveting advertisement campaigns. They could also carry their knowledge into fields like interior designing, working with architects and clients to make the best use of a given space. Each of these industries utilizes the same basic skill set which students learn in an art and design bachelor's degree program. The real challenge is deciding on the specific part of the industry you wish to work in; once that is done, the rest is is your time to make your designs.


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